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  • Strategy is often stated as a company's number one priority, however day to day operations end up being the overriding focus.  
  • A consulting firm provides a level of perspective that removes internal bias and offers an alternative evaluation and view in addition to checks and balances that mitigate engrained thinking patterns.  
  • Additional expertise can offer valuable input to provide assurances when companies are making significant changes, such as the shutdown of an office or production facility or expansion into a new market.
  • Having an outside perspective or focused expertise in a specific area can be invaluable in bringing relevant facts to the forefront and overcoming organizational politics.  
  • Strategy consultants can operate in a "clean room" environment, receiving data from stakeholders to analyze and identify gaps and synergize opportunities.  
  • The most valuable perspective is often one that is furthest from the problem.


  • Growth - We help companies identify means to expand their core competencies and prioritize investments and resources in concert with competing demands to maximize shareholder value.
  • Strategy - Strategy involves a set of actions to transform disparate business units into an integrated value stream, each positioned with a distinct competitive advantage.  
  • Digital Transformation - We help companies develop digital strategies that deliver on core strategy. We enable organizations to operate faster and smarter by blending a practical set of near-term, high-impact, quick wins with a clear vision for maintaining a steady pace of digital innovation to ensure currency with industry changes as they happen.  
  • Innovation - Boris & Associates Inc. works with clients to drive innovation in product development and makes ideas actionable by combining business acumen and analytic approaches.

Changes are scary?

It's quite normal to be scared when you hear "change of strategy or business model" However, we must be aware that it is not always a change of rupture, but an adaptation, an evolution of the existing.

The reflection on the digital transformation must first focus on the preliminary analysis of the digital maturity, by examining it point by point.

Integrating digital technology into every dimension and service of the company is the essential concern that must guide its leaders.

Digital business transformation is achieved by transforming multiple categories and technologies simultaneously.

It includes business model, business structure, human capital, processes, capacity and skills, product and service offerings, engagement with stakeholders, and process accelerators.

It is a process of continuous improvement since a digital strategy must continually be adapted to seize new opportunities.

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