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Strategy involves a set of actions to transform disparate business units into an integrated value stream, each positioned with a distinct competitive advantage.  

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Project controls optimizations

Project Controls are a professional function not widely recognized as a set of specialized skills in their own right. They are a function that is critical to achieving successful project and program outcomes i.e. delivering required benefits to cost, time and performance. For us, the field of Project Controls are defined as follows: "Project Controls are the data gathering, data management and analytical processes used to predict, understand and constructively influence the time and cost outcomes of a project or program; through the communication of information in formats that assist effective management and decision making. So if you do have project controls issues or you want to put the proper project controls for your project or company, let us be your partner of choice and help you get there!

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Hire us to find the right solution for your company

At Boris & Associates Inc., we understand that efficient and effective business systems provide the platform for your business to succeed. Our selection services ensure you select the right software the first time. By remaining vendor-neutral and leveraging a wide range of platforms inclusive of our own, we ensure we implement the correct solution for each and every client.

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You have a software development project or an idea in mind? We are here to help!

We help companies build and develop solutions to their challenges through custom development solutions. Developments can be just for a simple process that needs to be automated or a full blown development project. Our construction domain expertise will ensure industry standards are respected and that the solutions plays nicely with the rest of your ecosystem.

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June 16, 2022
2022 Construction Digital Transformation becomes slowly part of daily life

The construction industry is one of the largest globally, yet it is the least digitized, everyone by now is aware of that, but now what? Yes, the construction industry is the least digitized but in the past two years, there was a substantial acceleration of companies looking to digitize and modernize how they work, especially in the Mid-Market, which is a good sign. Luckily, there exist numerous technologies that could radically improve efficiency, productivity, and safety in the sector. Incorporating digital technology into the construction industry allows for refinement at the management level and on the operational level of a construction site.

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June 9, 2022
Construction Companies are still lacking in Mid-Market Digital Marketing. Let's demystify the Trends to Leverage in 2022

‍Surprisingly, so many construction companies are still lacking in mid-market digital marketing, so we have written this article to demystify this trend to gain leverage in 2022.‍The number of Canadian mid-market construction companies that have embraced digital marketing is impressive, albeit at a slow pace. In 2022, many other construction businesses still don't care about establishing a digital or social media presence and instead rely on word to mouth. Even if that worked for you for a long time, would you not be interested in learning how digital marketing strategies could help your company even more? Here are some effective modern techniques that will help you reach your company’s full potential.

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Frequently Asked

How much are companies investing in digital transformation?

Companies are investing in digital transformation with increasing momentum. According to predictions from the IDC, global spending on digital transformation technology will reach $1.8 trillion in 2019, a 17.9% jump from 2018.By 2023, that number is expected to eclipse $6 trillion.

What is the meaning of digital adoption and how does it impact digital transformation?

Digital adoption refers to the ability of users to use digital tools as they are intended and with maximal capabilities. In other words, users aren’t limited to a few elementary features — they have the ability to perform any task or process on a given tool, regardless of how complex it may be. Digital adoption is fundamental to digital transformation success. Without it, it’s impossible to achieve the goals that drive your digital investments. With enough money, any company can buy the most capable software. But unless your users can actually take advantage of what that software has to offer, its potential will never be fulfilled, and neither will your strategic objectives.

What is a digital adoption platform?

A digital adoption platform is a solution that enables full usability on any software, website, or app. Digital adoption platforms use algorithms that analyze each individual user’s behavior and needs digital adoption and deploys tailored, onscreen guidance to ensure they can complete any task .Aside from navigational assistance, a digital adoption platform offers a detailed look into the user journey. It provides data-driven insights on process completion and user behavior to show administrators which features are underutilized and where inefficiencies exist. A digital adoption platform can also be used to automate mundane tasks in dramatically improve efficiency and engagement.

What are the biggest barriers to digital transformation success?

There many common barriers to digital transformation, any combination of which could thwart your strategy. Some of the biggest include:

1. Employee resistance to change
2. Unclear vision of user value
3. Choosing the wrong vendor
4. Lack of flexibility
5. Failing to evolve your business model

These challenges are compounded for companies undergoing rapid growth.

What does the future of digital transformation look like?

The IDC outlined 10 predictions for the future of digital transformation in its latest FutureScape report. Here are three key forecasts:
1. By 2020, at least 55% of organizations will be considered “digitally determined,” or committed to the goal of fully adopting and implementing digital tools via new business models and digital products/services.
2. By 2023, 35% of employees will be working with AI-enabled tools, such as bots.
3. By 2023, 95% of organizations will have adopted new digital KPIs that prioritize innovation of products/services, data capitalization, and the employee experience

How do you know when you’re “done” with digital transformation?

The short answer is never. Technological capabilities are constantly progressing, customer expectations are always on the rise, and the need to streamline internal efficiencies is ever-present. And, as investments in cloud-based systems continue to rise, the need to keep up with updates will be an integral part of overall digital strategy.