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Is your construction business/project loosing money?

We provide a range of professional services, products, and custom solutions that can help you and your company do better and transform for long-term growth.

These are just a few ways we can help you improve your situation:

Reduce paper on site
Reduce administrative costs
Reduce workload for managers
Improve the accuracy of your project controls reporting
Improve and optimize operational and interdepartmental processes
Help you invest in your business through technology
Evaluate Your Business and help you reengineer for success
Help you lower your turnover rate
Help you implement production project cost accounting and not just general accounting driven by your accountant.

We come from construction and have the necessary domain expertise to help you optimize your business to perform better through technology and project controls process optimizations.

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Are you struggling with your digital presence on the web for your construction business ?

Do you have an optimized Website with all the right content and optimized for search engines?

Do you have a social media marketing & communication plan and the right resources at your company to really take care of your Digital Presence?

Did you know that 8 out of 10 construction companies in the mid-market do not have the right resources or have none to maintain a digital presence online?

We provide professional services for your business and brand to get the necessary attention it requires.

If you believe your company is experiencing difficulties with the above or do not have the resources to manage a digital presence let's have a call, we might be your solution.

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Business strategy for ConTech startups

Are you a small business owner, an early-stage startup business, an angel investor, or a venture capital firm? We can help you through multiple professional services deliverables such as startup tech reviews, business plan reviews, business models, and due diligence materials or even build your minimal viable product.

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June 16, 2022

2022 Construction Digital Transformation becomes slowly part of daily life

The construction industry is one of the largest globally, yet it is the least digitized, everyone by now is aware of that, but now what? Yes, the construction industry is the least digitized but in the past two years, there was a substantial acceleration of companies looking to digitize and modernize how they work, especially in the Mid-Market, which is a good sign. Luckily, there exist numerous technologies that could radically improve efficiency, productivity, and safety in the sector. Incorporating digital technology into the construction industry allows for refinement at the management level and on the operational level of a construction site.

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June 9, 2022

Construction Companies are still lacking in Mid-Market Digital Marketing. Let's demystify the Trends to Leverage in 2022

‍Surprisingly, so many construction companies are still lacking in mid-market digital marketing, so we have written this article to demystify this trend to gain leverage in 2022.‍The number of Canadian mid-market construction companies that have embraced digital marketing is impressive, albeit at a slow pace. In 2022, many other construction businesses still don't care about establishing a digital or social media presence and instead rely on word to mouth. Even if that worked for you for a long time, would you not be interested in learning how digital marketing strategies could help your company even more? Here are some effective modern techniques that will help you reach your company’s full potential.

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