Construction Companies are still lacking in Mid-Market Digital Marketing. Let's demystify the Trends to Leverage in 2022


Surprisingly, so many construction companies are still lacking in mid-market digital marketing, so we have written this article to demystify this trend to gain leverage in 2022.

The number of Canadian mid-market construction companies that have embraced digital marketing is impressive, albeit at a slow pace. In 2022, many other construction businesses still don't care about establishing a digital or social media presence and instead rely on word to mouth. Even if that worked for you for a long time, would you not be interested in learning how digital marketing strategies could help your company even more? Here are some effective modern techniques that will help you reach your company’s full potential.

Paid search and social media advertising

Skipping paid searches and social media advertising is not an option in this overcrowded market. You may be the best kitchen cabinet maker in Canada, but you are only one of the hundreds, if not thousands. Invest in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on the first page of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), and social media advertising to attract more visitors who translate to projects.

Email marketing

Email is another underutilized resource for mid-market digital marketing for construction companies. Email marketing campaigns improve client relationships and increase Return on Investment (ROI), especially with prior contacts who can also help you spread the word about your construction services. To increase response and click-through rates, personalized messages must be carefully crafted and relevant.

Optimized website and design and navigation

It's one thing to have a construction website and something entirely different to have a converting website. A website designed for conversion optimization maximizes digital capacity and generates more sales. It greets customers with enticing landing pages, a clear and distinct value proposition, clear call-to-actions, social proof, and credibility indicators to support calls to action. Its design should also be appealing and simple to facilitate navigation.

Content marketing

While your construction website may have the right template, graphics, and information, adding a blog section may appear to be an unnecessary time commitment. However, creating an informative blog can help your construction business rank higher in search engines, build your brand's reputation, and humanize your company. You can gain a loyal following through frequent blog posts, and ultimately, blog readers are likely to become paying customers or clients.


Another excellent digital marketing strategy for mid-market construction firms is Video. Most social media users prefer watching videos to reading. Construction site activity videos boost credibility, provide trigger points, and serve as a conversion tactic for potential clients and website visitors. Involving your employees in creating such videos gives them a sense of worth and builds loyalty.

Webinars and digital events

Virtual events are an excellent way to network with other construction professionals and stay connected to the industry. It also allows people to learn about your company and services from the comfort of their own homes, which could be the first step toward a business relationship.

Live chat and chatbots

Live chat and chatbots facilitate conversation and improve the website experience. Instant and automated responses to support queries provide your visitors with a high-quality customer support experience.


The effective use of SEO is attributed to the success of your website and advertising. With so many mid-market construction companies offering similar services, you need to be discovered and stand out. Optimization increases the number of organic visits to your site by improving interaction with search engines. This validates the effectiveness and productivity of your website. Qualitative SEO aids in increasing your Search Engine Rankings and improving the experience of your website visitors. This organic standing improves with the proper use of construction-related keywords and capturing local SEO so that you can also claim first place.

We help you build targeted marketing, brand loyalty and we measure it along the way. Let us help you through our Digital Marketing & Communication Services from building your website presence to making it a recognized brand in the construction market!

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