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Boris & Associates Inc. takes great pride in serving clients and improving their bottom line


At the core of what Boris & Associates Inc. provides is the functional process knowledge to help our clients define and implement technology solutions that are "right sized" for their business environment. We act as a strategic advisor to partner and uncover the right blend of process optimization, technology integration and application consolidation to drive operational excellence. Boris & Associates Inc. assists companies in the advancement of their enterprise initiatives by taking complex projects and simplifying them into executable plans that drive project success. Boris & Associates Inc. offers a broad range of services to help our clients maximize profits and deliver superior project outcomes.  By aligning the optimal business process and technology strategy, we help our clients operate their businesses efficiently in today's competitive marketplace.


  • Technology strategy and investment prioritization
  • Software selection and implementation services
  • Business process reengineering
  • Performance management and overall program and project management
  • Program and project management
  • Technology assessments to define optimal software solutions and system integration
  • Analytics to improve decision making and drive better performance across operational areas


  • Execution of a discovery process to surface and document the current and desired future states of the business, inclusive of time lines, estimated metrics and evolutionary milestones.  This is key to understanding functionality and phasing.
  • Identification of mission critical business processes for the near term and those essential to the long-term success of the business.  The successful realization of this objective is critical to putting infrastructure in place that will support the future needs of the business.  
  • Collection of critical functionality requirements from key stake holders that represent the anticipated needs of the business based on the key processes over the timelines represented in the discovery objective.
  • Assembly of a systems strategy that supports the system needs identified and the current business plan.
  • Execution a software selection process that ultimately procures applications that support the organization's management systems strategy.
  • Development of a timeline and budget to implement the strategy and applications that support the strategy.

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