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Investors Pitch Deck Review

Communicating your business to potential investors is a Pitch Deck. Are you ready? We will review and strategize together to make your Pitch Deck the strongest material to create interest from investors.

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In order to bring a startup from idea to execution is tough task. This is why we work together to create for you a customized Lunch to Growth Plan for you and the business.

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Build your own Website or let us do it, but in any case let us help you!

It does not matter if you already have or you don't already have a website we can help you by giving a full review of your site and give you live feedback on how to improve your customer engagement and keep them clicking through.

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Marketing Guidance

Increase your reach and conversions with our marketing construction experience which will help you determine how marketing can be implemented to reach the right audience and accurately forecast results.

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Frequently Asked

What are my options for funding, that is the question most co-founders are asking themselves every day and in the SaaS Construction sector is not different, maybe a bit more complex?

In any startup, it is extremely important for founders to thoroughly consider all of the options that they have available to them for obtaining funding. There are a number of options available, including issuing e, borrowing money from traditional sources, crowdfunding, and others. When determining which option is right for your business, you should consider a variety of legal issues, including whether you will personally be liable if the business fails and whether you will have to give up a degree of control over the way that the company is run.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a type of alternative funding that involves raising money from a large number of small, usually through various Internet sites. Legislation recently enacted by the federal government removed some of the restrictions that made it illegal for private businesses to offer equity to anyone but in returfor funding , making crowdfunding a viable option for startups that once were relegated to traditional funding sources.

What are the typical contracts required for a startup?

The kinds of contracts that will be important to your startup depend on a variety of factors. Some of the more common contracts used in the early stages of a startup include the following:
- Commercial lease agreements
- Employment contracts
- Operating agreements
- Service agreements
- End User License Agreements (EULAs)
- Non-disclosure agreements
- Investment term sheets
- Founder agreements
- Intellectual property assignments

Data Privacy?

Yes. Data privacy laws apply to any business that has an online presence. As a result, we also suggest to have you privacy policies for your business drafted and properly documented at all times.

Difference between independent contractor and an employee?

Many startups hire consultants or other service providers on a per-project basis as independent contractor. The line between employees and independent contractors can become blurred, however, especially in situations in which an individual who has been brought on as a contractor develops a long-term relationship and integral with the company. Generally, whether or not an independent contractor will be deemed an employee in the event of a dispute depends on the degree of control the employer exercises over the way in which the independent contractor performs their work.

Do we need to have a signed agreement between friends or family members in order to operate?

Yes. While, in the early stages of a business, “gentleman’s agreements” and other informal understandings may seem sufficient, this can quickly change, particularly if and when large sums of money start to be at stake. As a result, it is always prudent to formalize any agreements in order to avoid any unnecessary conflicts or litigation in the future.