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Product Development as a service (PDaaS)

For construction companies & projects

Boris & Associates Inc. offers a range of full-stack software development services using our team of project managers, system architects, and software developers. Our technical consultants immerse themselves in our client’s requirements and take the time necessary to understand their specific mission.  Commonly offered using an Agile SCRUM methodology, our software development services span a broad range of programming technologies due to the experience and versatility of our development team.

  • Consulting Advisory
    Helping define goals, solution architectures & programs
  • Flexibility in accessing data
    Building databases to your exact specifications.
  • Distinguish your business
    Custom software gives you the tools you need to do things differently. To do things more efficiently with increased productivity.
  • Integration Services
    We can create solutions that make your business more productive and profitable. Cross platform connectivity to any Web API or ERP.
  • UI/UX
    Creating applications that are user friendly and beautiful are a top priority for us.
  • Support
    Our certified engineers will be there to assist you on you product whenever you feel the need later on

For construction startups

Boris & Associates Inc. can help you in your product journey by providing construction specific domain expertise with resources that can accompany your team and product.

  • Fractional CTO/CPO/COO
  • Product MVP Development
  • Product Strategy & Road mapping

Our approach

Boris & Associates Inc. works closely with our development clients to architect tailored software solutions that meet project objectives. The integrated services approach of Boris & Associates Inc. software development team fuses together project administration, oversight, strategy, development and support services to offer a comprehensive and turn-key option for application management.  We have the skillsets in-house that can support activities from product development all the way through to deployment and continued maintenance and support.