Boris & Associates Inc. partners with Civalgo to move forward digital transformation of the construction industry.


Montreal, October 8, 2019  –  Boris & Associates Inc. is pleased to announce its new strategic business partnership with software solutions provider Civalgo. The objective of this alliance is to accelerate the optimization of North American construction companies by offering a formidable portfolio of consulting services and digital solutions adapted to the engineering and construction sector.

Moving forward our teams are set to support various government actors and organizations commit to improve their internal operations and generate increased efficiency. We are coming together to help innovative builders to take advantage of automation to optimize everyday workflows, and enable systems and teams to "talk" to each other in a friction-less way. We believe this type of approach will have a profound impact on engagement, employee satisfaction and overall industry productivity.

Civalgo has designed an impressive top-of-the-line AI powered software (NextAI-Montreal alumnus 2019) for optimizing field operations that allows construction companies to easily navigate between resource planning (labor, material, equipment), real-time site reporting and daily performance assessment. The platform's "worksite to office" approach substantially improves collaboration between field teams, subcontractors and administrative units, and allows — assisted by its artificial intelligence engine and past data — to predict performance and costs of future projects.

"We are delighted to partner with Civalgo, and above all, to be able to help them bring to market quickly a much needed high added value software solution for reducing the complexity of the processes that align project management with field team productivity. I see Civalgo as a great way to overcome poor communication workflows between the field and the office. In addition, this new partnership will enable Civalgo to offer complementary consulting services and custom-fit solutions to its customers in the engineering and construction sector, allowing them to fully integrate digital technologies into all their activities. »

- Boris Germanov, Founder of Boris & Associates Inc.

"We are excited to team up with Boris & Associates Inc. and to take advantage of their extensive experience in the field of construction, but also to tap into their vast North American business network! Together, we will build an impressive portfolio of consulting services and solutions tailored to the engineering and construction sector, propelled by the power of our artificial intelligence algorithm, rich reference data, and our extensive common industry knowledge. North American builders will be able to rely on us for the most advanced technological advances to optimize their operational processes. This profound digital transformation of their organizations will lead them to better field cost management and tracking through standardized cost breakdown structure (CBS), better dispatch of field teams via new smart scheduling and data collection capacities, real-time performance feedback, and overall improved estimates for their sites on current and future projects."

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